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Not The Average Girl

Average blends in, it is predictable, monotonous, and regular – it is the usual, or worse, it is the mediocre.  And no woman should be labeled as such. Ever.

The idea behind this website started when I came across an article that told me I owned too many pairs of shoes.  It stated that the average woman owns 23 pairs of shoes, and only wears 7 of them.

Really? That certainly was not the case for me.  A woman in her late 20’s who fell into the ‘average’ category in many ways – average income, average body, average height, average education, and the long list goes on… but then I thought: ”Who says I am ‘average’?”.

That is how Not the Average Girl was born.  There were statistics out there putting a label on me.  But I refused to labeled.

As I browsed through some of my style icons blogs and pictures, I realized they kept getting farther and farther from the not-so average women. Their clothes weren’t affordable and the looks sometimes not achievable for the not-so average women out there – not that there is anything wrong with that, believe me!   That quilted-lambskin Chanel bag is on my list, right after that Burberry trench coat and some red sole shoes – and they continue to be my style icons where I get my inspiration many times.  But while I’d rather pay the rent than buy those items for now, I will wear more than seven pairs of shoes and will own more than 23 without having to sacrifice my budget for fashion, because my style does not have to fall into the category of average.

I see fashion as a matter of expressing yourself, expressing who you are, with confidence and poise, regardless of the price and label of what or who you’re wearing – and this is what you will get here.  This is not to make you look like the girl in the magazine or the girl with the most likes on your Instagram feed.  This is to help you look like you, your best you.  Think of this blog as an inspiration board for the all the women who want be on trend, stylish and never be labeled as average.


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Go at it!