The Kardashians Hairdresser Shares Her Take on the BEST Hair Vitamins

Jen Atkin, the magical hands behind the Kardashians’ famous and gorgeous locks, gave an interview last week to New York Magazine and revealed some of the secrets she picked up along the way in her career.

Photo: Fashionista

When asked about which hair vitamins she recommends her clients, her favorite picks were Viviscal and BioSil.  Both vitamins have great reviews and are fairly affordable, you can them here and here.  Jen also recommends taking a fish oil pill to help with dry hair.

We also found out that a clinical study published on the US Library of National Medicine confirmed that taking an oral supplement for hair and nails does improve with thinning of hair and thickness, and they used Viviscal for their double-blind study, you can read the full study here.

Not sure about you, but after this advice, I’ve already ordered two months of Viviscal.  Have you tried any of the vitamins?


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